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While rentals are not my primary focus, my team and I are well qualified in leasing and would be happy to help you find your place in Miami.

This page has everything you need to know about renting an apartment in Miami so you can make an informed decision.

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Why work with Joe?


I handle all the researching, scheduling and coordination. All you have to do is tour your top picks in the span of a few hours. Me & my team are available whenever is best for your schedule.


People get taken advantage of by fake listings online. I provide you with professional representation which reduces the risk you face when dealing on your own.


Relax knowing that me and my team will be handling the details every step of the way. We have helped hundreds of people move to South Florida.

How the process works


Contact Joe

To get started schedule a free consultation. We will discuss your wants and needs over the phone and answer any questions you might have about the process. After you sign your client agreement we'll send you a personalized collection of homes to your Compass App the same day!


Tour your top 5 in one day

It's time to get out there and see some places! We'll use the Compass App to narrow down your top picks. Virtual or in-person tours are available based on your availability.


Apply to your Favorite

Once you find the perfect place we will help you complete your application and offer package, explain the lease terms, and negotiate with the landlord for you until it's accepted.


Sign your Lease

Once your offer is accepted, you'll make your deposit and sign your lease. We will review all the lease terms and financial obligations with you to make sure you're comfortable with every detail.  


Move in Day!

Congratulations!! You'll get the keys and move into your new place.

How to use Compass Collections

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General Information

Whats the difference between an Apartment and Condo?

Condos are typically owned by an individual person or LLC. Apartment buildings are entirely owned and operated by a professional management company.

Do you work with Apartment Buildings?

Yes and please let Joe be the first point of contact with the leasing office. We can help you with any building and will escort you on your first tour.

Do I have to sign a written agreement?

Yes. While Joe has been using written agreements for years, the National Association of Realtors has implemented a practice change requiring MLS participants working with a tenant to enter into a written agreement with the tenant prior to touring a property. This change goes into effect August 17, 2024 for all Realtors®.

Why do you only show 5 properties on a tour?

Moving to Miami is incredibly exciting, and I completely understand the eagerness to explore all your options. I’ve found that touring 5 properties is the sweet spot. Beyond that it can become tiring and overwhelming, causing your options to blur together and making it harder to make a confident decision. If you feel you need to see more than 5 properties, we might not be the best fit to work together. My goal is to help those who need to make a move and find their perfect place in Miami efficiently and effectively. I want to ensure the process is as smooth and focused as possible for you.

Leasing Process and Requirements

What documents should I have ready to submit an offer?

  • Photo ID
  • Proof of Funds (Last 3 pay stubs, job offer letter, tax return, 1099)
  • Recent Credit Report (Credit Karma, FICO, etc. Not a screenshot. Must have your name on it)

How much do I need to make to qualify?

You need to make 3x the monthly rent. If rent is $2,000/month you need to show you make $6,000/month before taxes. Proof of income is required with every offer.

Who pays the Broker compensation?

In Florida most landlords offer a compensation. We will seek compensation from the landlord or landlords broker: however, in the event the landlord is not paying a commission you will be responsible for our agreed upon compensation.

Do I need to be a US citizen in order to rent?

No, but background checks can take a little longer to process for foreign nationals so that may mean that your approval can take longer than the standard processing time (usually 2 weeks)

Do I need a co-signer/guarantor?

If you foresee any issues with your application being approved please be upfront and ask about this option. It is very easy to add a co-signer/guarantor to a lease and we can go over how that changes the income and other requirements for you.

Does my roommate/partner need to be on the lease?

Yes. In the State of Florida anyone over the age of 18 must be on the lease and submit an application. No exceptions.

Furnished Units and Sub-Leasing

I see a Furnished Apartment can I rent it unfurnished?

The answer is almost always no. If you don't want the furniture for a particular unit that means the landlord would have to pay to store it somewhere else. That would actually raise the costs associated with the lease. Meaning that would not be an opportunity to negotiate a lower price.

Can I sub-lease the apartment/condo? Can I rent it out on Airbnb, etc?

The answer is almost always no. If you own a property you can do airbnb and other short-term rental options. But as a tenant it is very rare (almost impossible) that you can do this.

Financial Considerations

How much money do I need to move in?

When renting a property in Miami an amount equal to three months rent plus any building fees are required on or before move in day. The three months rent is usually represented by First Month, Last Month and a one-month security deposit. Some condo buildings may also require a common area deposit. I will make sure you are aware of all fees before signing the offer.

What is the Escrow Deposit?

The Escrow Deposit is the initial money due with your accepted contract to lease. For your protection I am partnered with Attorneys Key Title LLC, a reputable closing company to hold your deposit. You should never send a deposit directly to a landlord.

Condo Approval Process

My offer was accepted, now what?

Once your offer has been accepted you will make your escrow deposit to take the unit off the market. A lease will be prepared (usually by the agent representing the landlord) and then executed by all parties. With the executed lease the next step would be to apply with the building management office. I will guide you through this process as the process vary from building to building.

What should I do once I've been approved?

I will advise you if these apply but here's what you may expect:

  • Schedule your Orientation (if Condo or HOA)
  • Reserve the elevator (if condo)
  • Set up utility service to be activated on the date of walk-through
  • (electricity)
  • Cable/Internet (usually scheduled after walk through)

What do I bring to the walk-through

Any remaining money for move-in. I will provide you a break down of exactly what you need but remember these must be in certified form: cashiers check, money orders or wired to the landlord prior to walk through.

During the Lease

Who do I contact for any repairs/issues during the lease?

In apartment or rental buildings there is usually an online app that allows you to schedule service requests. In a condo building your landlord or the landlords agent is your point of contact for all repairs.

When do I get my security deposit back?

Under Florida law, the landlord has 15 days to return your deposit if there aren't any deductions for damages.

What if I need to break the lease?

Every lease has an early termination clause. In most cases you can expect to pay a 2-month penalty for breaking the lease early.

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