How I work with Buyer Clients

You deserve a dedicated advocate who understands the complexities of the largest financial transaction you may ever undertake. That's why I chose to earn my Accredited Buyer's Representative (ABR®) designation, which signifies my commitment to providing top-notch buyer client services.

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Now that you've found me.....

Why me? Because I work for my buyers with loyalty, dedication and professional guidance required for likely the largest single transaction in your life to go smoothly.

Your Risks

Three of the biggest risks my buyers face are: a) that they will miss the best property on or off the market and will settle for lesser value and b) that they will overpay for their home and c) that something is wrong with the property and no one is telling them. In our first meeting I address these risks and fears and I offer solutions for them.

Your Needs and Wants

I ask questions and I listen. Simple. For every single requirement you share with me, I will ask you “Why?”. If this is clear to me and to you, our search to find your dream home will be much shorter. Time is money.

Understanding the Market

In our first meeting, I will share my knowledge of the local real estate market with you. Namely, how many properties in our price range enter contracts, how much is negotiability, how many close at or above the ask, and more.


Negotiations are important skills in any market. I will ensure that you get clarity on our negotiating strategy, so you buy your dream property on the terms acceptable to you. This strategy will be different if we face multiple offers situations.....or not.

Attorney, lender, contractors, appraiser, movers, managing agent, listing brokers, painters, title, etc.

There will be many players involved. Think of me as a quarterback of your team. My job will be that everyone does his or her job and no one drops the ball!


Happy day! You get the keys to your new home, and I gain a client for life. My goal is to remain in your life and help you with all real estate questions and issues, for you and your family and friends.

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